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This is a fun group designed to collage play together as a group! To spark your imagination and give your muse a boost in the behind and get you inspired to create!!!

Each week on Saturday mornings, I (Crowabout) will post a printable Crowabout Collage Elements for you to create with on Flickr!

I will give you till Friday to finish your art piece, collage, journal page etc and get them uploaded to Flickr by 9PM EST!
I will then put your names into a hat so to speak and randomly select a winner using Random.org and post the winner on Flickr Saturday at Noon EST! Each weeks winner will be prompted for their email addy so that I may send them a goodie prize!!

So, if any of you are interested in joining this group please either email me or leave a comment! I will need YOUR email addy!!! You will then receive an invite via email to join the group on Flickr!

This blog will be a place to showcase each weeks winner and give them some linky love so that all can visit their blog or Flickr!!

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NancyB aka Crowabout

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Back on Track!!!

Looks like the group is back on track finally!!...More like I am back on track LOL
With all the computer mishaps I have had...and a few other things like my hubby's work
taking up time on the internet where I have to sit and wait my turn...sad..but true...I hope that you will all be patient and bear with me....as these things do happen!

The group is something I dearly love! As each and everyone of our lovely members! It is so much fun! At least when I get to be there LOL

There will be a few weeks missing from this blog as far as winners from all the computer crud that has happened etc. But we are back on track and I have so much images to share with the group! I have been working hard on it all week and whilst working offline getting the images on to my computer for the up coming weeks!!

Speaking of up and coming....we have a few holidays just around the corner so

During the week of Thanksgiving there will not be a playdate....ahh ya never know...I just might sneak one in for %*@* and giggles! hee hee

During Christmas.....I think we will go ahead and play the first two weeks of December and then take the rest of the month off and then commence once again the first weekend of the new year!!!

Alrighty then!! With that said!!! I still have a couple goodie packages to get out in the mail! Yes still!

Thank you all for hanging in there with me!!

Much Love and Hugs!



Michele-thisgoodday said...

Hi Nancy,
I'm very intrigued with the group you have and would be interested in joining if you are taking on more people. I read that you are beginning in January...perfect! I have wandered around some of the listed blogs and love the little inspiration push that is so needful sometimes! Happy Holidays...
michele :)

Kelleigh Brill said...

I'd love to give this a try! Very cool idea.


Lisa said...

Oh a blog! Yay! Can you add my link? http://www.groggyfroggy.blogspot.com

I did a few challenges and one of the things I'm planning in 2009 is to get involved again. You know how life is.

Hope you're having a great holiday. Happy New Year!

Jinxie said...

Hi there,
I would be thrilled to participate if the offer is still open!!! Thank you,

Shannan said...

Are you still planning to start back up in January!!! I would love to play!!

Original Bliss

M A N U Z said...

Hi Nancy, I'd Love to join your Group!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,
I'm very interested in your Flickr group and would love to join.

---MARILYN DAMSCHEN--- said...

If it's okay to jump in now, I'd love to. Found out about your group from Michelle at Lost Coast. Thanks!