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"COLLAGE PLAY with CROWABOUT" group information and signup!!

This is a fun group designed to collage play together as a group! To spark your imagination and give your muse a boost in the behind and get you inspired to create!!!

Each week on Saturday mornings, I (Crowabout) will post a printable Crowabout Collage Elements for you to create with on Flickr!

I will give you till Friday to finish your art piece, collage, journal page etc and get them uploaded to Flickr by 9PM EST!
I will then put your names into a hat so to speak and randomly select a winner using Random.org and post the winner on Flickr Saturday at Noon EST! Each weeks winner will be prompted for their email addy so that I may send them a goodie prize!!

So, if any of you are interested in joining this group please either email me or leave a comment! I will need YOUR email addy!!! You will then receive an invite via email to join the group on Flickr!

This blog will be a place to showcase each weeks winner and give them some linky love so that all can visit their blog or Flickr!!

Be sure to tell your friends!!

If you have any questions.... please feel free to email me mrmrsfritz (at) hughes (dot) net Thank you!


NancyB aka Crowabout

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Back on Track!!!

Looks like the group is back on track finally!!...More like I am back on track LOL
With all the computer mishaps I have had...and a few other things like my hubby's work
taking up time on the internet where I have to sit and wait my turn...sad..but true...I hope that you will all be patient and bear with me....as these things do happen!

The group is something I dearly love! As each and everyone of our lovely members! It is so much fun! At least when I get to be there LOL

There will be a few weeks missing from this blog as far as winners from all the computer crud that has happened etc. But we are back on track and I have so much images to share with the group! I have been working hard on it all week and whilst working offline getting the images on to my computer for the up coming weeks!!

Speaking of up and coming....we have a few holidays just around the corner so

During the week of Thanksgiving there will not be a playdate....ahh ya never know...I just might sneak one in for %*@* and giggles! hee hee

During Christmas.....I think we will go ahead and play the first two weeks of December and then take the rest of the month off and then commence once again the first weekend of the new year!!!

Alrighty then!! With that said!!! I still have a couple goodie packages to get out in the mail! Yes still!

Thank you all for hanging in there with me!!

Much Love and Hugs!


Week 9 Collage Play with Crowabout WINNER!!

Week 9 Collage Play with Crowabout winner issssss......

Shawn !!! Congrats to you!!!!

Thank you to everyone who played along!!

I think we may do some more like this! It was so much fun watching each everyone's art pop up in the group on Flickr! We have some amazing talents!!!

Week 8 Collage Play with Crowabout WINNER!!

Week 8's winner is.........

Mar !!! Congrats to you darlin!!!!!

Week 7 Collage Play with Crowabout WINNER!!

Ok Time for me to catch up this blog for our group!

Here is our Week 7 Collage Play with Crowabout winner!

Our winner is Jade !!!

Congrats to you! And Thank you too all who played along!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week 6 Collage Play with Crowabout WINNER!!

originally uploaded by: Paint-pot

Congrats to you Naomi-Jade!!!!

Thank you to all who played along in Week6!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Week 5 Collage Play with Crowabout WINNER!!

originally uploaded by akacreativity
Week 5 Collage Play with Crowabout WINNER is:
Congrats Valarie!!
This is what Valarie had to say about her piece...
"I used my own central image and then used Nancy's bits and pieces throughout although I chopped and altered many of them. Hmmm...is that cheating?"
Thank you to everyone in the group who played in week 5!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pens I use...Lettering/Text...Supplies

Pens I use for Art Journaling!!

Faber-Castell Pitt brush pens

Micron- black #01, #03 and #05

Assorted Permanent Markers

Pilot V Ball Grip-Extra fine

And your everyday standard ol' ballpoint pen

I have heard it is not good to use ball point pens due to their

acidy ink! But then ask me if I follow the rules! LOL


Caran de Ache watersoluable crayons!!

Try scribbling circles or favorite shapes and then

using a contrasting color scribble in the remainder of the page..

Use a baby wipe or slightly damp paint brush

starting with the circles first then go about finishing the contrasting

color (with wipe or damp paint brush)

Oil pastels!!

I use these to outline collage elements and can also be worked into the

page buy rubbing!


There is a variety of stencils available to you!

How about using a label maker!! They have

many refill colors!!

Acrylic Stamps!!

Need I say more! hee hee

Rubber Stamps!!

So many styles to choose from!!

Inks too!! :O)

Creating your own text/lettering!!

Ahhh there is that evil ball point pen again! LOL

Do an outline of your letters...then

Then you can give your letters a shadow

using a pitt brush pen or

even a permanent marker!

Then fill in the letters if you choose to do so with
pittbrush pens or Caran de ache crayons (is what I mostly use)
If this post looks a little wonkie...you can blame blogger!! This is the second attempt at
try to post this! arghh! lol
Now! Let's here from you!! What supplies do you use in your art journals etc???
Much love and hugs!!


Sunday, August 31, 2008

Week 4 Collage Play with Crowabout Winner!!!!

originally uploaded by: Blue-Ridge-Lady
Week 4's Collage Play Winner!!


Congrats to you!!!!!

THANK YOU to all who played in Week 4 Collage Play with Crowabout!!!!

Week 3 Collage Play with Crowabout Winner!!!!

originally uploaded by: http://judy-scott.blogspot.com/
Week 3's Winner!!
Congrats to you girl!!!
This is what Judy had to say about her art piece:
"Copyright 2008 Judy Scott All Rights Reserved week three of playing with Nance at Crowabout and friends ~ used my fav neo colours in this piece and altered the roses digitally ~ thankyou to ladiosas for the peacock embroidery"
A big Thank YOU to all who played in Week 3 Collage Play with Crowabout!!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Week 2 Collage Play with Crowabout Winner!!!!

Week 2 Collage Play with Crowabout WINNER
"Stop, Look, See"
Congrats to you Lisa!!!!
Thank you to all who played along!! xoxo

Week 1 Collage Play with Crowabout Winner!!!!

Collage Play with Crowabout Week 1's WINNER!!!
This is what Gunn had to say about her Art for week 1
"This is my page. honor how wonderful life really is."
Totally agree! Life is truly wonderful!! Great work
Gunn! Congrats to you!!!
Thank you to everyone who played!! xoxo

The Missing Links....

We seem to be missing a few blog links here lol

There is about 30 some members whom I don't have linky love for!!

Take a look-see on the member list to your right, they are all in alphabetical order (easier to find) ...is your name listed?....No?..Ok then... I need your link LOL... Whether it be a blog link or if you prefer ...your Flickr link...just give me something to go on lol ...

Thank you!!

NancyB aka Crowabout

New blog for Collage Play with Crowabout group!!!

After much consideration on how to set up a place to blog about my group and group members art of Collage Play with Crowabout...I have finally settled here on Blogger!

This will also be a place where I will showcase each weeks winner from the group! Also, it will be a place to show all the group members links to their websites!!

Would anyone be interested in creating a blog banner for this group?? And also, we need a button with link attached to this group blog!! Any takers!!?? Pwweeeaaasee help!! ;O)

Now I got to get busy and catch up and post the first 3 weeks winners!!

Hope this blog really works for us and it's intention!! It will probably take me a bit to remember how Blogger works! Wish me luck! lol


NancyB aka Crowabout